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Salary & Benefits

One of our cornerstone businesses is to sell money at a discount. We do so because of the imminent inversion of the time-money value relation. This inversion—we call it the TMVI—also has revolutionary implications for the employer-employee relationship.

In the near future, the salary that you currently receive in present dollars will be a liability rather than an asset. In keeping with the principles underlying our financial services offerings, we, essentially, buy money from our employees at a discount less than that at which our employees can buy discounted present dollars in the future, after the TMVI. We pay our employees by, in effect, having them pay us.

At the present time, salaries are relatively small because we are still in our startup stages. In the same way in which most conventional startups offer lucrative stock and salary incentives to attract talent from top firms, we must ask our employees to pay us a relatively small salary in order to encourage top talent to join us.

The salary that you pay as an employee is commensurate with your seniority, experience, and position in the company, with the most senior employees paying the greatest amount.

We do not offer conventional health and insurance benefits. We do, however, offer unlimited vacation time, up to 365 days in a given year, and an aggressive and popular professional development program, tailored to the course and demands of your future career path as described in our FuturePeopleForward database.

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