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Research Services

Our Temporal Network enables us to offer our customers and partners specific, tailored research on the future. By scouring the future contents of our extensive databases, we can compile, according to the needs and wishes of our clients, detailed qualitative and quantitative descriptions of the future.

Our Temporal Network links computers in our present-day offices to datawarehouse-managing servers that will, in the future, be installed in our offices. This enables us now to access information that has not yet been collected, information about future events and people. We call such information FutureData, and will have organized it in four major databases:

  • FuturePeopleForward,
  • FuturEventsForward,
  • FutureTechForward, and
  • FutureMarketsForward.

In response to our customers’ research requirements, we submit queries to the appropriate database, collect the necessary FutureData, and compile a full-color, indexed, searchable electronic report.

The four databases contain information in the following areas:

FuturePeopleForward contains extensive profile and demographic data about individuals now alive and not yet born. Using this data we compile precise actuarial reports for the insurance industry. Our LifeSpan report assists clients who offer products and services on a lifetime basis by enabling them to accurately account for the total cost of services a potential client will use in the course of his or her lifetime. Medical researchers and individual patients benefit from detailed individual and aggregate reports on the future medical histories of genetically-related descendants. Missing persons and long-lost relations and friends can easily be found through information about their future whereabouts and activities.

FuturEventsForward contains information about news-worthy future events. Our political and public-sector clients use reports containing such information to develop and fine-tune long-term governance plans. We provide low-cost reports to international relief agencies describing the nature and scope of future natural and humanitarian disasters. Newspapers and News services use our reports to properly foreground their reporting on current events.

FutureTechForward contains extensive information on future technological innovations, including important theoretical breakthroughs in all the major sciences. Reports drawing on this data help guide current academic research, permit companies in high-tech industries to anticipate developments and ramp-up production capacity in expectation, and inform consumers and potential customers about not-yet-in-the-pipeline products.

FutureMarketsForward contains detailed aggregate information about the eventual sales of planned products. Targeted marketing reports improve the efficiency of marketing budgets by providing precise descriptions of the eventual size and nature of as yet undeveloped markets. Demographic analyses of the markets that eventually develop for a given product allow marketers to target only those customers who will eventually buy that product, enabling manifold increases in the measurable effectiveness of marketing, public relations, and advertising.

For large clients with special needs, we develop tailored databases that will collect precisely the FutureData in which they are most interested, and build custom Web-portals for submitting automated queries.

Our research services are key assets for business, government, the academy, and individual consumers.

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