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Though not a core business, Futurefeedforward’s publication initiatives are important components of our mission. We offer, through our corporate website, periodic reports drawing on FutureData contained in our four major databases. These publications promote public interest in our research services and bolster our public image as a firm dedicated to informing the global consuming public.

Our four web publications include:

Undead Celebrities. Drawing on information contained in our FuturePeopleForward database, including a collection of all published biographies and obituaries of current celebrities, we regularly publish reports on the future lives of current public figures.

Future News. Mining our collection of all available future issues of newspapers and news periodicals, we periodically detail significant future world and political events.

Future Science Gearbox. Our FutureTechForward database permits us to offer insight into future and near-future innovations in science and engineering. We periodically publicly post descriptions of future technological breakthroughs.

Newest & Most Improved. Scouring our FutureMarketsForward database, we routinely publish reports on the future’s newest consumer product offerings, whether time-saving home appliances or new offerings in the consumer personal vehicle market.

In addition to our web publications, Futurefeedforward is proud to issue Evil Genius Now: the Life, Times, and Wisdom of Red Boudaine. In this first-of-its-kind memoir, company founder Redroe “Red” Boudaine looks back on the future course of his life and offers now the wisdom and insight his dramatic and spectacular career will eventually impart.

And, forthcoming from Futurefeedforward press: The Seven Principles of Evil Genius: Management in FeedForward Time. In his new work aimed at business, government, and industry leaders, Red Boudaine outlines the seven principles that will enable your company to survive and thrive in the fed-forward future.

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