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Privacy Policy

Our privacy is very important to us. Don't ask us too many questions. Don't ask around about us.

We use cookies unitentionally. At least I think we do. Our friendly webhost uses them for us so they can tell us how many "unique visitors" we've had.

Should you subscribe to our e-mail list, your e-mail address will not be sold, lent, or discussed with any third parties. If Dave is arrested, though, he might give up your address if they get out those hose-sections filled with sand. I hate those.

Our log files are carefully scrutinized each morning for entertaining domains. If possible, while in his PJs, Dave divines the geographic locale of interesting domains, and puts a pin in a big map in the hall to note the scope of his empire. Such information isn't quite personally-identifiable, but I'll try harder in the future.

If you visit the site from a multinational tech corporation, as indicated by the requesting domain, Dave considers himself to have made a "contact" on the inside. He keeps a list of all such companies, and has tried to sell it on street-corners, but with few takers. Apparently people already know the names of these companies.

We know who you are.

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