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Present-Contingent Business Model

We sell money at a discount. That is a revolutionary business model, one that the present logic of the business and financial communities maintains is impossible and unsustainable.

In the long-run, we know that our business model is well-positioned to profit from the coming Time-Money Value Inversion. In the short-term, however, we are still subject to the present-day logic of finance. In order to survive in the short-term we have, then, developed a short-term sustainable business model described in the chart below.

Each offer to sell money below-cost is conditioned on our ability to collect from other subsequent clients sufficient funds to maintain a viable cashflow. In cases in which sufficient funds to cover a transaction are not available within a pre-negotiated period of time, our offer is rescinded and the client refunded. In cases in which sufficient funds are available through subsequent transactions, the transaction is completed.

We price our discounted dollars below present value, but above the value of present dollars after the Time-Money Value Inversion, thereby insuring a long-term profit. In the short term, we require that the funds needed to cover transactions include a small margin retained by the company to fund on-going present-day operations.

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