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Future News
headline dateline
New Company Tells Future, Sells Future September 1, 2000 
Futurefeedforward Cuts 18,000 Jobs October 24, 2001 
What Ever Happened to Futurefeedforward? October 10, 2004 
Court Protects 'Attention Rights' of Media Companies October 8, 2006 
Group Opposes Vouchers for Police, Fire Services March 22, 2008 
Packaging Sales Surpass Album Sales, Sony Reports September 1, 2013 
'Mouth-in-Mouth' Disease Decimates House, Senate October 31, 2014 
Intelligent Trusts Infest Indianapolis March 16, 2016 
Surplus Prisoners to Fill California Teacher Shortage July 19, 2017 
Socal Skyfires Scorch Subprime Skytellites October 18, 2018 
Cancer Causes Cancer, CDC Concludes March 2, 2019 
Wal-Mart Opens First 'All You Can Live' Township March 11, 2020 
Precinct Collapse Disorder Plagues Coastal Communities December 9, 2029 
FCC to Auction Definite, Indefinite Articles May 8, 2032 to Run for Washington Senate Seat June 14, 2040 
Embryos, Stem Cells Vote Bush in Record Numbers December 12, 2042 
Crime Does Pay: GDP Revised to Include Property Crime January 2, 2045 
Celera Issues Recall of 'Diet' Gene May 3, 2045 
U.S. Federal Government to Move Offshore February 3, 2047 
Consumer Capitalism Defective, U.S. Issues Recall December 14, 2050 
Rebel Corporations Storm Gaza, West Bank June 3, 2052 
Home-Jailing More Popular than Home-Schooling February 23, 2056 
U.S. a Monopoly, Breakup Decreed June 7, 2059 
Exercising Athletes Undermine Drug Olympics August 23, 2060 
Ad Pox Cured by Branded Products August 31, 2064 
Coca-Cola Achieves Consciousness, Declares Independence March 3, 2071 
Cuba Buys Disney, Announces Redevelopment Plans December 18, 2071 
Brand Dyslexia Declared 'Epidemic' December 8, 2072 
Toddler's Conviction Upheld, Execution Looms April 11, 2088 

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