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Fact-Checking Servers to Reduce Libel Risk
July 4, 2033

PALO ALTO--In December, three of the top five U.S. ISPs plan to install new software to reduce the risk that their customers will be exposed to libel and gossip liability for content that they post. The software, developed by Black Hole Skunkworks, a joint venture of Stanford University and a consortium of newspaper and publishing multi-nationals, screens all user-generated content, alerting posters to possible legal liability for dissemination of libelous or gossipicuous information. (full story)

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Miniature People Big Holiday Seller
October 16, 2152

LUND, SWEDEN--Cutting-edge bioengineering and 20th century nostalgia are equally represented in a new line of products from Toyboy Factories. Humites(TM) and Humites Environs(TM), both new for the holiday season, include cadres of miniature, human-like creatures, each about the size of a fingernail. Consumers can keep their Humites in one of the elegant bookshelf or coffee table Environs Toyboy markets, and care for them with a range of Humite Foods and accessories. (full story)

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Packaging Sales Surpass Album Sales, Sony Reports
September 1, 2013

LOS ANGELES--Three short years after its controversial decision to stop selling albums and to focus exclusively on the marketing of licensed packaging, Sony Music reports that revenues from the sale of liner notes and associated packaging exceed those generated by sale of its music catalog. "At the time, the heads of all the Majors thought that we were crazy," explains Sony A & R Chief Herb Iki. "But it was just that they refused to see the way in which the industry was developing. We realized pretty quickly that music, because it's really just bits, was destined to be free; but packaging, that's something we know about, and something we can sell." (full story)

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Suicide Artist Fakes Death, Defrauds Patrons
April 23, 2202

NEW YORK CITY--The recent arrest of former suicide artist Bran McGeady has galvanized suspicions in the suicide art world that the genre has become too popular to be effectively monitored for fraud and forgery. The recently celebrated McGeady was discovered by NEA officers during a routine serial-number trace of pawned audio and video equipment in Fairfield Outer-Borough. "Apparently he pretty desperately needed to raise some funds," explains Sergeant McNee Tracey. "It looks like his replacement identity wasn't well-capitalized, so he pawned some of the Endowment equipment he had taken into hiding with him." (full story)

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An Ecosystem of Your Very Own
March 7, 2151

PORTLAND--Genetic customization has been taken to new heights with Fenster Corp.'s introduction of the Personal Ecological Terraderm or PET. The service provides clients with two hypodermics of primordial bio-ooze "encrypted" with a key based on clients' individual Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms ("SNiPs"). Once injected, the "ooze" goes to work forming a rudimentary nano-scale ecology just beneath the skin of the torso and arms. (full story)

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Earth a Franchise, Astrophysicists Discover
December 8, 2162

CANBERRA--Money, it seems, really does make the world go round. A team of top astronomers has today announced observational confirmation of Marguerite Fury's controversial General Theory of Unified Universal Monetary Force. Working at the Rudyard Kipling Indenational Observatory, the team spotted and documented a companion, or "franchise," Earth in the remote V-137 cluster. (full story)

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Human Jerky: Taboo-Busting Snack Defines Breakthrough Market
February 6, 2098

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--Monsanto Mills today announced that its recently introduced Human Jerky(TM) has surpassed the company's most ambitious sales projections. "We were able to communicate well with the consumer on this one," notes marketing VP Wilmer Pret. "It's a tasty, uniquely nutritious snack food with a modern, avant cachet that others can't match." (full story)

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