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Socal Skyfires Scorch Subprime Skytellites
October 18, 2018

RIVERSIDE--City and county fire officials admitted Thursday that 14 of the reported 22 skyfires burning in and around Riverside county remain untamed this evening. "Crews continue to work through the night," explains Fire Chief Lacey Birnier. "I'm told that some 400 homes have been damaged or destroyed, and that another 1,200 are threatened. Our people know what's at stake, and, to the man, not one has faltered. The next 24 to 48 hours will determine whether these fires can be contained." (full story)

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Who is Satchel Pincher?
November 22, 2004

WASHINGTON DC--Futurefeedforward is proud to announce the availability of the second chapter in the chronicle of its rise to power. In this chapter, the company's GC, one Satchel Pincher, makes a spectacle of himself, but to what purpose? We sat down with Mr. Pincher to discuss his new-found fame. (full story)

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What Ever Happened to Futurefeedforward?
October 10, 2004

WASHINGTON DC--Temporal services and research start-up Futurefeedforward announced today the availability of the beta version of the first chapter from the eponymous chronicle of the company's rise to power and economic splendor. (full story)

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American Medical Association Recommends Warning Tattoos for Children
August 24, 2031

CHICAGO--The most recent edition of the American Medical Association's Guide to Pediatric Health published Wednesday recommends that all children under the age of eight receive a series of reactive, low half-life tattoos containing essential preventative health information. "These guidelines aren't just about delivering vital health information," explains Dr. Raymond Tritness, co-author of the recommendation and Director of the Insurance Industry Association's medical malpractice working group. "They're about using information to intervene proactively at the moment a child might engage in risky or unhealthful behavior." (full story)

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Wal-Mart Opens First 'All You Can Live' Township
March 11, 2020

WALTON, OH--Officials of the Wal-Mart Corporation announced Thursday the opening of Walton Township, a company designed and managed subdivision on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio. Walton, the first of three Wal-Mart communities scheduled to open this year, introduces residents to the company's new 'all you can live' consumer goods subscription service. "Beyond its quality environment and top-notch municipal services, Walton represents our first serious foray into flat-fee provision of consumer products," explains Michael Elmoere, Wal-Mart VP of Intra-Regional Logistics and First Regent of Walton Township. "It's a 21st century horn-of-plenty, all for one no-fuss monthly fee." (full story)

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Unmanned Aerial President Crashes on Korean Peninsula
March 8, 2041

WASHINGTON DC--Citing what Northrop Grumman engineers have identified as a flaw in specially designed navigation software, spokespeople for the Presidential Cabinet confirmed late Wednesday that the 53rd President of the United States, the first entirely autonomous, mechanical, airborne leader in the western world, has crashed and is likely unrecoverable. "This is a black day for America," noted a solemn administration spokeswoman. "But it may also be a day of great courage. The American people took a great leap forward when they elected [the President]; may we not now retreat from that great vision." (full story)

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U.S. Citizenship, Now with Free Chicken
November 3, 2027

WASHINGTON DC--In the first of several planned state and federal initiatives designed to attract and retain qualified citizens, U.S. government officials announced Friday the launch of a special program managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture guaranteeing U.S. citizens a lifetime supply of boneless, uncooked white-meat chicken. "We're very proud today to fulfill a legendary promise to the American people," exclaimed USDA Deputy Director Tracey Lapoole. "A chicken in every pot, today, now, for every American, and forever more." (full story)

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