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Who is Satchel Pincher?
November 22, 2004

WASHINGTON DC--Futurefeedforward is proud to announce the availability of the second chapter in the chronicle of its rise to power. In this chapter, the company's GC, one Satchel Pincher, makes a spectacle of himself, but to what purpose? We sat down with Mr. Pincher to discuss his new-found fame.

FFF: So, how are you holding up? Is this fame thing getting you down.

SP: Do you know me? [laughs] No, seriously, do you know me?

FFF: Everybody knows you Satchel. Címon, tell us what itís like.

SP: Well, have you ever been on TV, but you were wearing a big chipmunk costume, a big fake head and all? Maybe you hosted a popular childrenís show, or a call-in religious show where you laid hands on people, but in the chipmunk suit. So all these kids love you, and all these sick people worship you, but nobody knows what you look like. Thatís how it is.

FFF: Interesting. Well, have you learned anything from the experience?

SP: Yeah. Whatever you do, donít take the chipmunk head off.

FFF: Thanks, Satchel.

SP: No problem.

Chapter two is now available at

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