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Our Founder

Our founder, Chairman, and CEO Redroe “Red” Boudaine is a visionary and inventor widely respected and sought-after in both the public and private sectors. Aside from his stewardship of Futurefeedforward, he is known for his wide-ranging commitment to progressive activism. In 1998 he turned down a multi-billion dollar licensing offer by the Pentagon for the development of military strategic and tactical applications of Temporal Networking. At Futurefeedforward he has established corporate policies that offer the company’s research and investment services at a discount to environmental and labor organizations worldwide, and has committed the company to providing at-cost services to debt-laden developing and underdeveloped nations.

Born in 1969 to middle-class, mid-western parents, Boudaine left home at the prodigal age of 16, traveling widely in Ohio and Nebraska, until enrolling in the University of California’s nascent Future Studies Institute. There he studied under eminent figures in the field, including Professors Jane Janes and Henrik Wunder.

By the early 90’s, Boudaine had founded a consumer cloning and pet genetic-hybridization company. In 1996, with a small amount of funding scraped together from friends, family, and the proceeds of a prodigious garage sale, Boudaine founded Boudaine Temporal Enterprises, and, seven months later, its successor, Futurefeedforward.

Boudaine currently divides his time between family, running the company, a pressing speaking tour, and his activist and philanthropic work.

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