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Financial Services

In addition to the pioneering new securities offered by our Feedbank subdivision, we at Futurefeedforward are revolutionizing the financial services industry. Proprietary intelligence gathered through our Temporal Network confirms that, in the near future, the time value of money will be inverted. We have built our business to anticipate and profit from that reversal.

Currently, the financial services industry operates on the assumption that the present value of money is greater than its future value:

One dollar now is worth more than one dollar at a later date. That is why banks charge interest. The future value of money is discounted to reflect the risk represented by the futures uncertainty.

At Futurefeedforward we know that that risk will be eliminated. And when it is, future dollars will no longer be discounted. In fact, our research shows, present dollars will be discounted. One dollar now will be worth less than one dollar at a later date. We call this phenomenon the Time-Money Value Inversion, or TMVI.

Conventional banks pay a premium, in the form of interest, for present dollars because they are worth more than future dollars. For the same reason, conventional banks charge a premium when they sell present dollars in the form of a loan. Our business, however, is to sell present dollars at a discount.

In the near future, $10 in present value will sell for $9 in future value. Where a conventional bank buys present dollars by paying a premium, we seek to buy them at a discount. Where a conventionalbank aims to sell present dollars at a premium, we sell them at a discount. Where a conventional bank profits by paying less of a premium when it buys dollars than it charges when it sells, we profit by buying dollars at more of a discount than we sell them.

For example, a conventional bank, charging 10% interest, sells $10 in present value for $11 in one year. The bank profits if its cost to acquire the $10 it sells is less than the $1 it charges to compensate for future risk. We, in contrast, sell $10 in present value for $9. We profit when our eventual cost to acquire that $10 is less than the $1 the buyer charges because of the discounted value of present dollars. If we buy $10 in present value for $8 and sell it for $9, we profit.

Everybody, however, currently pays a premium for dollars. We cannot presently buy for $8 the $10 we sell for $9. We can, however, sell $10 for $9, and, once the market adjusts to the Time-Money Value Inversion, profit by covering our sale by purchasing $10 for $8. In fact, because nobody else will sell $10 for $9, we can generate as much sales volume as we choose, and reap the profits once the market begins to rationally discount present dollars.

Our business is to sell money at a discount. This simple principle will revolutionize both capital markets and consumer financial services. Traditional, capital-dependant businesses can raise capital simply by buying it from us at a discount. More progressive companies burdened with capital will seek our Overwriting services in order to sell that capital at a discount in order to profit from the Time Money Value Inversion. In the consumer market, we will sell discounted money to individuals, revolutionizing the savings & loan and consumer banking industries.

At Futurefeedforward, we are ushering in a new age in financial services. Banks, once centers for the accumulation of capital, leveraged that capital in order to sell money at a premium. In the near future, accumulated capital will be an impediment. It will lose its leverage as present dollars are discounted in relation to future dollars. Unaccumulated, future capital is worth more.

Investment funded the enterprises of the past, disinvestment will fund the enterprises of the future. At Futurefeedforward, we do not accumulate capital; we disburse it. We are the financial services company of the future.

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