Futurefeedforward is a publicly-traded information and financial services company. Our business leverages our temporal technologies to provide unparalleled research and investment products to our commercial, industrial, and consumer clients.

Our investment business operates on the revolutionary monetary principles derived from our Temporal Networking technologies, and our research branch, employing the same Temporal Network, supplies our clients with accurate, tailored information about the future.

Our Future

Simply, Futurefeedforward will rule the world.

Our research indicates that, in the course of coming millennia, our company will play a pivotal role in all spheres of human endeavor, from science to the arts, politics to religion.

We will be the most influential institution in human history.

But our vision extends beyond the human. We will not only transform and govern the future course of human history, but, eventually, will guide also that of both Nature and the newly evolving Mecanosphere.

Humanity will worship us; Nature will serve us; and the Machines will memorialize us.

We are the future.